We are becoming more and more reflective about our play.


    As part of the review process the children reflect on their play through self-questioning. They consider what they did or made, what they played with, who they played … Continue reading

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After play, which comes very naturally to everyone in Room 3 and was developed during Junior Infants, the planning stage was the next one that we focused on in order … Continue reading

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Our Reflective Play Process


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We don’t just p…

We don’t just play, we plan, play and review. Comment made by Erin to Patrick when he joined the class.

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Go create!

We have been creating all sorts this year from individual stories, to a class book, tables, surfboards, creatures, flowers, cards, television shows, castles, houses, look-out towers, police stations, hospitals, and … Continue reading

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We are a Senior Infant class in St.Brigid’s JNS and we LOVE to play. In the course of our play we create artwork, structures, and drama. We are already creative … Continue reading

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“Follow effecti…

“Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.” Peter F. Drucker

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